What should I do if the borofree app is not performing as I'd expect?

Make sure your app is fully up to date and if the problem persists, please contact us.

At borofree, we try our hardest to keep the app running as you'd expect however sometimes things don't go to plan which may cause you to experience some technical issues. Most of the time these issues can be avoided by keeping your phone and the borofree app running on the latest software release.

For iOS devices, go to settings, select 'general', select 'Software Update' and follow the instructions.

For Android devices, go to settings, under 'system', select 'About device', tap 'Software update' and then 'Update now' and follow the instruction.

(Please note borofree cannot be held responsible for issues related to updating your phone's software)

Once complete make sure you update the borofree app to the latest version. If you issue persists please contact us in the app our via our website.