What does Estimated Balance mean?

This is an estimate of your balance for you to keep track of your spending


Not all of the brands on the borofree app allow customers to check the real-time balance of their retail cards.

That's why we've created estimated balances. It's a tool that not only allows you to keep track of your balances, but also helps you budget and think about the amount and where you are spending your money.

Every time you use the retail card, we ask you to enter the value you want to redeem. We use this information to help you keep track of the balance. As we can't guarantee if the amount you enter is exactly the same as the amount you redeem at the checkout, we call it Estimated Balance.

If you make a mistake, don't worry - you can edit your previous transaction to update the Estimated Balance. 

You can never spend more than the original amount of the retail card.