How do I inform my employer to change my details to my borofree salary advance account?

Update your payroll details through your employer's self-service portal or via email to your finance/HR department.

You will need to instruct your employer to change your payroll bank details to your new borofree salary advance account. Your salary will only flow through this account so that we are able to collect any funds owed. We will immediately forward the remaining funds to your UK Bank Account.

Once we have set up your borofree salary advance account we will send you a notification to let you know it's ready. When you login in you will see a screen which contains your new account number and sort code. These are the details you will need to provide to your HR manager or individual that manages payroll in your company. To make it simple we've created a template email that you can copy, paste and send.

Once you've sent the email, go back to the borofree app and confirm that you've sent the instruction to your employer. You're now ready to use borofree.