Can I send a gift card to friends and family?

Yes, you can.


You can send new gift cards to friends and family using your salary advance in the borofree app.

To send a new gift card to a new recipient, tap the ‘+’ icon under the ‘Send a card to’ header. Tap ‘Add Recipient’ and either select a contact from your address book or manually enter the UK mobile number of who you’d like to send a card to. You can send a gift card to anyone with a UK (+44) mobile number. Once you have selected a recipient, you will then be taken to the shop where you can pick the brand and value of gift card you want to send; you will only be able to select a value that’s within your remaining salary advance balance. Once complete you will need to confirm your recipient, brand and value by tapping ‘Accept and Confirm’.

Once accepted, you will be asked whether you want to notify the recipient that you have sent a card, and/or invite them to borofree. If you know your recipient already has borofree then there is no need to continue. Simply select how you’d like to notify your recipient (Email, text, Instant message) and a pre-written message will be provided with all the details required. If the recipient already has borofree, the card will appear in their account within a few minutes and they’ll receive a notification.

Please note: the recipient must have a basic borofree account, to access and send the card. They do not have to be signed up with a registered employer to receive cards